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Story Collaboration With the Private Sector: Birth Registration 3-1

Chapter 1   Collaboration

Children’s Bureau pamphlet, <i>Is Your Child’s Birth Recorded?
Children’s Bureau pamphlet, Is Your Child’s Birth Recorded?
Photo Credit: Maternal and Child Health Library
Collaboration With the Private Sector: Birth Registration – When the Children’s Bureau was created, no comprehensive record existed of the number of children born in the United States each year. Accurate birth records were essential to the goals of reducing infant mortality and providing important protections for children in school and work, so addressing this lack was among the Children’s Bureau’s first priorities.

The Bureau began by partnering with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, whose members traveled door to door when necessary to investigate what percentage of births was recorded in specific, local areas. This initial study resulted in the creation (in 1915) of a “birth registration area” encompassing 10 States and the District of Columbia. By 1933, it had expanded to include all States.


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