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Story Juvenile Delinquency Prevention 7-5

Chapter 3   Research & Data

Boys gang, Cleveland, OH, circa 1911.
Boys gang, Cleveland, OH, circa 1911.
Photo Credit: Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-51276
Juvenile Delinquency Prevention – Juvenile delinquency and juvenile courts were a consistent theme of study during the Children’s Bureau’s first 50 years.

The Bureau studied causes of delinquency during World Wars I and II. It also reviewed the organization and methods of many of the Nation’s earliest juvenile courts, giving rise in 1923 to the first published juvenile court standards. In 1927, the Bureau began recording standardized juvenile court statistics of delinquency, dependency, and neglect. The Children’s Bureau also studied police work with juveniles and began offering special training conferences for police, teachers, and social workers on the topic in the 1940s. In 1952, the Bureau co-sponsored five meetings to discuss juvenile delinquency with the privately funded Special Juvenile Delinquency Project. The Effectiveness of Delinquency Prevention Programs was issued in 1955.


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