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To celebrate 100 years of achievement, the Children’s Bureau is launching a variety of centennial activities and events. These activities will not only recognize the important work that has been done in the past, but also help strengthen a common focus in moving the child welfare field forward.

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Voices to Vision Initiative
In 2012, the Children’s Bureau held a series of workgroup meetings with child welfare stakeholders—including professionals, Tribal workers, youth, and families—to discuss a vision for the future of child welfare. The meetings culminated in the creation of Voices to Vision: The Future of Child Welfare in America. This synthesis of stakeholder input and the Children’s Bureau response lays out strategies for improving the child welfare system and outcomes for children and families.
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The Children’s Bureau sponsors conferences and meetings to create dialogue among professionals dedicated to the well-being of children and families. This centennial year offers special opportunities to reflect on lessons learned from the past and prepare for future challenges. Learn More
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Through thought-provoking discussions, these webinars will present the historical evolution of Children’s Bureau programs and explore critical topics that shape the child welfare field today. Learn More

Children's Bureau Timeline

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Take an interactive look at the most significant events in the Children's Bureau's 100-year history and the social/political events that shaped its evolution.

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